Steel Banding

When to Use Steel Strapping

  • Pallet loads that are excessive in weight.
  • Objects with sharp edges such as steel or metal.
  • Non-compressible materials.


Steel is the strongest of all strapping materials. It is recommended where high strength is necessary, low elongation is important, and where the product is extremely sharp or hot. Steel is sealed using mechanical seals and notch (seal-less) type joints.

Although the market for steel is declining, there are numerous applications where steel is the preferred alternative. It is most commonly used in steel service centers, rail car applications, and heavy construction applications. Steel can be dangerous to work with and difficult to recycle.

Steel has the highest strength of any other strapping. Steel is used when minimal stretch and high strength is needed. Our regular duty steel banding meets the requirements for general applications. Meets ASTM 3953.

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