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Wooden stringer pallets are one of the most commonly used items for shipping products. Stringer pallets can be made to any size to fit your company’s needs. CTC Packaging also builds many other types of wooden pallets. Some examples are light duty wooden pallets, heavy duty wooden pallets, block pallets, and crates. We also have an onsite heat treating system for your company’s exporting needs. CTC Packaging is fully ISPM15 compliant. Click here to read more about ISPM15. Here at CTC Packaging we use the Pallet Design Software (PDS) designed by the National Wooded Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA). As members of the NWPCA our updated PDS software enables us to design a pallet to our customer’s specifications. Click here to see a sample of our PDS Design.

Pallets & Crates

Our Sophisticated, High-End Pallet Manufacturing Equipment Seperates CTC from our Competition.  Better Quality, Better Value, Better Price.

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