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Stretch Wrappers

CTC Packaging is pleased to offer a wide variety of packaging equipment. We sell strapping machines, pallet wrappers, labelers, shrink wrap machines and many other pieces of equipment.

Stretch Wrapping equipment comes in 2 basic types of shrink wrap systems: semi-automatic and automatic. The automatic eliminates the need to attach and cut film, saving valuable operator time and reducing costs. With the semi-automatic, the operator has to attach the shrink film to the product being wrapped. Whether your wrapped products consist of a pallet load of smaller products or larger products, our stretch wrapping systems will do the job.

We service what we sell.

CTC Packaging Expertise

For over 60 years, CTC Packaging has been a top shrink wrap supplier and provider of stretch wrapping machines for our industrial customers. Our range includes the automatic stretch wrap machine (auto stretch wrap machine), and semi automatic stretch wrap machine. These machines are integral to many manufacturing, packing, and shipping processes, ensuring efficient and secure wrapping. Both machines offer a significant increase in efficiency over manual stretch wrap machines.

Stretch Film Wrapping Machines

CTC Packaging offers various stretch film wrapping machines designed to meet diverse industrial needs. In 1995, co-owner David Staples identified a significant gap in the market for reliable repair services for these machines. This realization led to CTC’s commitment to not only sell but also service these essential pieces of equipment.

Expertise in Shrink Wrap and Stretch Wrap Machines

Our journey into machine repairs began with David Staples learning the intricacies of the machine stretch wrap. By 2010, Mike Staples, co-owner, took over the wrapper machine repair services, earning certification from Wulftech, a major supplier. Mike’s expertise extends across brands such as Orion, Highlight, Eagle, Lantec, and Phoenix, ensuring comprehensive service capabilities for stretch wrap machines.

Shrink Wrap Material and Wholesale Suppliers

CTC Packaging is a top shrink wrap material supplier and shrink wrap wholesale supplier. Our extensive industry experience ensures that we provide top-quality cost-effective materials and machines that enhance operational efficiency for our customers.

Services for Stretch Wrapping Machines

CTC Packaging offers a broad spectrum of services for stretch wrapping machines. From sales to site surveys, consulting, diagnostics, safety inspections, modifications, maintenance agreements, and repairs, our certified technicians provide invaluable insights and services to maintain and enhance high-speed machine performance.

Maintenance and Repair Services

As a leading shrink-wrapping machine supplier we noticed the increasing demand for wrapper machine repairs over the last two years. This led to the inclusion of Aaron Staples in our team. Aaron, with his technical expertise, is well-prepared to continue the family tradition of excellence in servicing shrink wrapping machines. Our maintenance services, including an 18-point inspection under our maintenance agreement, ensure that your stretch wrapping machine operates efficiently, reducing downtime and preventing breakdowns.

Why Choose CTC Packaging

CTC Packaging’s problem-solving philosophy and local support ensure timely and effective solutions. Our technicians source parts locally, field warranty repairs and handle recall situations with ease. Our maintenance agreements offer significant benefits, including no service charge for service calls and discounts on parts and labor for repairs, ensuring that your equipment remains in optimal condition.

For any issues with your stretch wrap machine, unusual noises, or performance inconsistencies, contact CTC Packaging for a diagnostic visit. Our certified technicians are ready to support your operational needs and ensure the longevity of your equipment.

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