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Polypropylene (PP)


  • High coefficient of friction sheet foam product provides unequalled protection for easily scratched finishes.
  • Foam material won’t tarnish or corrode precious metals.
  • Readily accepts labels and tape. 
  • Mildew, moisture and fungus resistant,
  • Protects against condensation and water damage.

pp-foam  Foam Rolls

Polyethylene (PE)


  • Tear resistance polyethylene sheet foam provides protection for heavy items and those with sharp edges.
  • High cushioning and compression strength of polyethylene sheet foam for repeated use applications.
  • Lint- and dust- free white polyethylene sheet foam packaging provides a clean look.
  • Has a wide assortment of products including Anti-static, high density, foam bags, and laminated options are available.

pe-rolls    pe-foam

Both polypropylene and polyethylene are 100% recyclable. Also to control waste you can specify custom roll width, custom slit length, and custom perforation length.


Other Foam Applications




Loose Fill

Loose fill, is a common packaging material used to prevent damage to objects during shipment. Loose fill is also known as packing peanuts. Peanuts are shaped to join together when compressed and free flow when not compressed.  Peanuts are used for cushioning applications.

We also offer anti-static and biodegradable loose fill.