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Bubble Wrap

CTC Packaging supplies bubble wrap and air bag packaging materials to securely cushion the more delicate or easily damaged items you are shipping or storing.

Bubble Wrap (sealed air):

  • Bubble wrap bubbles comes in a variety of sizes between 3/16" and 1" and comes in various strengths
  • Bubble wrap provides increased cushioning performance: bubbles with a Nylon barrier retain air longer than non-barrier bubbles
  • Bubble wrap saves labor: flexible bubbles readily conform to a variety of shapes providing faster, easier wrapping
  • Bubble wrap lowers shipping costs: bubbles are lighter than comparable cushioning materials
  • Bubble wrap improves quality control: transparency provides easy product identification
  • Bubble wrap reduces material costs: less material is required to provide the same or better protection than multiple layers of thinner materials or polystyrene loose fill


Air Bags

When air bags are inflated and installed correctly, they reduce the risk of product damage by minimizing load movement during shipment.

The correct size and type of air bag is determined by several factors, such as the weight of the product, the void size, and how the product is being transported.

AirBag1 AirBag2 AirBag3