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CTC Packaging is a Master Distributor for Air-O-Film products.

Air-O-Film is a vented stretch film with a net-like structure, specially designed to:

  • Allow ventilation of unitized products through holes created within the film during manufacture.
  • Eliminate condensation within palletized loads.
  • Be applied manually, by semi-automatic or fully automatic systems.

Benefits of Air-O-Film Stretch Lite

  • Allows ventilation & stops condensation, even after multiple wraps.
  • Faster, more uniform cooling or freezing of hot palletized products.
  • During defrosting, moisture escapes without damaging the product.
  • Protects cans and bottles from problems with rust.
  • Fruit, vegetables & flowers can “breath”
  • Flowers remain fresh without damage to buds, stems and leaves.
  • Allows chemical vapors to escape.
  • Amazing strength & superb load stabilization.
  • 100% Recyclable.

nonAirOFilm        AirOFilm

Non-vented film                                                                                    Air-O-Film vented film