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Specialty Pallets

Some of our Specialty pallet options include

  • Steel guard

Steel Guard

  • Steel
  • Plastic
  • Recycled

All Standard container models offer you the choice of angle iron construction or formed corner construction.

All stack 5 high and are built with the same quality standards that have made these products so popular.

Plastic pallets have economic, ergonomic, and environmental benefits.

We have a vast selection of plastic pallets to provide the best material handling solution to meet your needs.

Cylinder Racks:
Cylinder Racks allow you to roll on or off at floor level without lifting or rolling up a ramp. Hinged retaining bars at top lock cylinders securely and safely, eliminating the danger of falling units.

Entire pallets are handled easily by a fork truck.

Saftey Pallets For Cylinders: