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Corrugated Boxes & Designs

CTC Packaging provides a wide variety of corrugated boxes including die cut and printed boxes. The design of rectangular corrugated cardboard boxes or solid fiberboard boxes looks simple enough. The basic patterns, or styles, are well established. Some are highly specialized and are best used for a limited number of products or applications. Others can be used for almost any product.

Some patterns are not practical. The use of six separate pieces for the four sides, top and bottom, for example, would involve 12 seams; it can be done, but the work is seldom worth the effort.

Corrugated Box Information:

The box designer's goal is to find the most effective and economical combination of material and design for the packaging task.

The product, the manner in which it will be packaged, the shipping and storage environment, and the way it will be displayed, opened, and used must all be considered.