5264 Lake St. • P.O. Box 456 • Sandy Lake, PA 16145



1955 BLDG 2008 WALNUT ST SIDE OF PLANT AREAClinch-Tite was founded in 1955. The "Clinch-Tite" name was derived from an acquired Swedish Patented Pallet Technology ("Clinch-Lok"). Pallets were manufactured by sub-contractors between the years of 1955-1958. Pallet manufacturing began at our Sandy Lake, Pennsylvania location in 1958.

In 1973 the Staples family purchased the company. Today Clinch-Tite currently employs over 60 employees.

Wooden pallets and containers were the sole manufactured items until 1986. Clinch-Tite diversified into all forms of packaging materials and equipment in 1986.

In 2002 Clinch-Tite opened our Norton, Ohio warehouse, and since then has also added warehouses in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Sidney, Ohio; and Camden, South Carolina, Rockford Illinois, and Bradley Illinois.

In 2007 we expanded our heat treating operations.

In 2015 Clinch-Tite Corporation is proud to announce that we will now be known as CTC Packaging.

This change was driven by how our customer’s view and use our vast design, distribution, product-development and production capabilities.  For more than 60 years we have co-authored unique and cost effective supply chain packaging programs that reduce the total cost of acquisition and ownership of all packaging, pallet, crating and Supply Chain requirements.

In 2015 CTC has relocated our Norton Ohio warehouse to Twinsburg Ohio.

Then in August of 2017 CTC has moved our Twinsburg Ohio warehouse to Akron Ohio.

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